The PhD Defense

The whole PhD experience was a wonderful 4 year journey through the academic world.

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I successfully defended the PhD thesis on the 23rd of February 2012.
A PDF version of the thesis can be found here .

The defense was preceded by a Colloquium on Information Technology, where professors from Netherlands, Denmark and Germany presented insights on the research challenges on policy alignment.

Best Paper Award

Our paper got the Best Paper Award at the ICITCS conference in Suwon, Korea.

The name of the paper is: Realizing Security Requirements with Physical Properties

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A new article published in PenTest magazine

One of my articles was published in the July issue of the magazine for professional penetration testing PenTest.
A free copy of the article can be found here

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A new article published in a Brazilian electronics magazine - RTI

Recently, one of my articles was translated and presented in the June issues of a Brazilian electronics magazine. The issue can be downloaded for free here

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Introducton to Computer Security

Between 2008 and 2010 assisted in the course Introduction to Computer Security.

The Introduction to Computer Security course is primarily intended for first year master students in the Kerckhoff Master Security but it is also suitable for other master students with an interest in security.

In this course I orchestrated physical and digital penetration tests to be performed by the students and supervised the papers of the students.

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Summer School - Cyber Security for Process Control Systems

SCADA systems are used for large-scale, distributed management of critical infrastructure systems and are often geographically dispersed.

Older SCADA systems are not designed with information security in mind. This omission led to systems with unsecured data transmission. Older SCADA systems still transmit both data and control commands in unencrypted clear text. This allows potential attackers to easily intercept and issue unauthorized commands to critical control equipment.

Summer School - 9th International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design

FOSAD is one of the foremost events established with the goal of disseminating knowledge about foundations of security analysis and design.

FOSAD’09 offered a good spectrum of current research in cryptography, cryptoprotocol analysis, security of Java-like programming languages, wireless network security, authorization, monoculture, independence and diversity.


They say that university life is the best. Before I started my PhD, I could not agree more on this. During my university life, I did some work in the industry, some lab teaching, studied a lot and enjoyed a few additional activities.

I did my degree in Electrical Engineering in SS Cyrili and Methodius University, at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.

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